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Dell AX510 Soundbar

  • Haut-Parleur: Dell AX510 Soundbar For Monitors

Total power output: 10 watts continuous average power

  • Headphone jacks output: 40 mW continuous average power
  • System frequency response: 135Hz to 20KHz
  • Power requirements: DC 12V +/-5%, 1.0 A

This is the New Dell AX 510 Soundbar Speaker system which is Lightweight, Elegantly designed and attaches easily to your flat panel Dell TFT.
The Dell AX510 Sound Bar is a good choice for improving the quality of multimedia presentations, online training / Web casts, music listening, gaming, and DVD playback on your system.
This lightweight, elegantly designed sound bar can be easily attached to your Dell Flat Panel Monitor.
The soundbar slots into place under your TFT and no tools are required to fit. It takes its power from the TFT so no power adaptor required!
Located on the stereo speakers are: a rotary volume with on/off control to adjust the overall system level; a white LED for power indication, dual audio headphone jacks and a Kensington lock tab for security.
This is compatible with the following Dell TFT’s: 1703FP, 1704FP, 1707FP, 1708FP, 1801FP, 1901FP, 1905FP, 1907FP, 1908FP, 1908WFP, SP1908FP, SE198WFP, 2001FP, 2005FP, 2005FPW, 2007FP, 2007WFP, SP2008WFP, 2009W, 2208WFP, SP2208WFP, 2405FPW, 2407WFP, 2408WFP, 2707WFP, 3007WFP, 3007WFP-HC, 3008WFP.

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